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There are several villages and one town constructed across the Zabul province (in 2015 there were 6 villages and 1 town, total 800 villagers/civilians. In 2016 there will be one village more). Each village is unique and in its own or shared tribal area. Each village has its own mosque, local police station and other in-game elements (e.g. restaurant, cinema, post office etc). Capital of Zabul province, the city of Khas Konar, will act as local social and economic hub and will contain police headquarters, several restaurants, big mosque and othe various services including province-wide telephone company.

Despite most of these elements will be done and constructed by AIRSOFTWARS crew we appeal on all participants to open thein minds and unleash their imagination and to help us improve all the villages and the town of Khas Konar to complete and create unique and fabulous atmosphere.

In 2014 local tribes were introduced to Zabul. The Ghilzai, the Noorzaj and the Tokhi triber interact, fight and ally each other to gain the control over Zabul. Would you join their efforts and make your own way on the top ?

AIRSOFTWARS team will be part of common folk.



- camouflage uniforms are strictly forbidden

- civilian outfit of afghani/arab type is allowed



- carry with proper in-game ID card

- not being unfriendly without a reason towards ISAF forces, Taleban and other provinceĀ“s ihabitants

- construct villages and town

- ensure working villages, town, in-game elements etc

- maximize their efforts to improve their living and estates by asking ISAF forces, Taleban and other organizations for help

- aiming thein behaviour to get the best living conditions as they could


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