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Task Force Bogota

Task Force Bogota:

The War on Drugs is underway. According to the Plan of Colombia the presidents of United States of America and Colombia establish Task Force Bogota at the beginning of 2013 with a target to search and destroy Norte del Valle drugcartel capabilities and to cut the insurgents from FARC off their fundings of the resistance against the Colombian government.

This Task Forces is comprised of superior infantry and mechanized Colombian army units, US Special Forces, USMC expeditionary forces and DEA agents.



  • camo uniforms are mandatory except of vz95 camo uniforms (Czech Army bdu)
  • body armors and helmets are recommended
  • desert camo uniforms as well as one-coloured clothing are NOT allowed


Main objectives

  • Establish main base and two strongpoints
  • Establish border control
  • Search and eliminate any illegal activity and drugcartel firghters
  • Search and destroy drugcartels bases 


Secondary objectives

  • eliminate FARC most wanted


Task Force Command

Task Force main forces are comprised of german DSO (Division of Special Operations) and SAVE (Union of Easter Europe Armies)


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