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Sídlo talibanu




An Islamic fundamentalist group of militants present in Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan. Their only aim is to expel all foreign soldiers out of the country and to restore true Islamic republic of Afghanistan once again, not the corrupted one now in place. The group posses wide range of instruments to support their goals – faith, food aid, terror, militarization, training, IEDs, terrain and destruction.

On the event´s onset number of insurgents is limited. Their further development and progress varies on situation and circumstances.



- camouflage uniforms are strictly forbidden

- combat vests and military equipment are strictly forbidden

- civilian outfit of afghani/arab type is mandatory



- base of operations construction

- carry own in-game ID card with

- anywhere, anytime, anyhow (according to game rules and regulations) attack and disturb ISAF activities and operations

- turn public opinion from ISAF away

- maximize own influence and success in combat against the occupation

- conceal and defend the base of operations


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