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Last few years in Zabul province

In the first half of the year 2011 a huge rebel uprising eroded against ISAF forces in Zabul province. Altought suffering heavy casualties ISAF forces were able to suppres the rebellion and to restore fragile peace and order. ISAF commander has been mortally wounded during specific road ambush. Also local ISAF base has been moved to more reliable a better situated position after unsuccesfull but strongly coordinated Taliban attack. New regional military base is now located close to the province capital Khas Konar.

New ISAF commander arrived on scene in June 2011 with a roadplan how to approach local inhabitants and how to change their minds back. New reconstruction project were commenced resulting in new public buildings built. Taleban and rebel groups were still threatening international forces and local inhabitants but general situation in Zabul province remained generally under control.

The situation was under control by ISAF forces for most of the year 2011 after the success of summer operations during the Protector operation.

Several allied friendly fire incidents resulting in death of many Zabul civilians marked the beginning of the year 2012 by increase of strong Taleban offensive and violence against Allies. Zabul-wide rebellion culminated when the ISAF base got under siege falling eventually into hands of rebel forces while the rest of the troops retreated.

altFollowing this defeat and also resulting general situation a new ISAF commanders were appointed to get the situation under control. Soon new operation has been launched – the Protector IX. New bases of operations has been constructed suporting ISAF missions and reconstruction projects in the area. The operation was formidable success turning public opinion positively towards the ISAF operations. Some rebel activities were reported including several ambushes and assasination attempts. All the attacks were repeled and situation generally was under control.

Unfortunately during the spring offensive in 2013 huge Taleban forces entered the area and forced allied and afghan government forces to retreat. Rumors are foreign donators paid new weapons and hired quite a lot new fighters improving insurgency capabilities. Parts of Zabul were taken by the insurgency over and violence and fear spreaded out.

Reaction was imminent – new Operation Lizzard IV. has been initiated supported by heavily armed Task Force of United States, Great Britain, Germany and Czech republic. Also some Russian armed forces on behalf of NATO-Russian cooperation arrived on site taking part in battles and peacekeeping operations.

Soon after the operation Protector X. has been also initiated and finally the Allies suceeded in finding and bringing most wanted Taleban office in Zabul – Hariik Al Fat- to justice. Getting support of local villagers and civilians boosted ISAF efforts in pursuing remnants of both insurency fighters and criminal gangs.
As the operation was coming to its succesfull end those remaining Taleban warriors made their last ditch and hit Zabul´s capital. This surprisive assault led to death governor´s armed guardsmen while governor was wounded heavily however he survived.

Situation in May 2014

On the 2014 onset with winter in its peak and together with security forces re-assigment to other more unsafe areas beyond Zabul´s provincional borders a new threat emerged coming from Syria and Pakistan. These battlehardened and well euipped warriors joined local Taleban forces and started spreading bloody vengeance upon the Western powers and government sympathisers. International forces´ reaction was fast and deadly. All the resistance annihilated during the course of Operation Lizzard V which outocome allowed to change ISAF´s strategy for new summer operation called Protector XII. Reconstruction teams, undercover operatives, millitary instructors and humanitarian workers were deployed in cooperation with local reinforced ANA and ANP security forces. Also new security contract has been awarded to Black Sword Global security agency assigned at former ISAF base close to capital. International forces itself built and manned three bases – the main base Fort Protector in central Zabul Atghar district, the PRT base Hell 2 in eastern Shamulzai district and last but not latest the FOB Spartan in northern part of Zabul close to Pakistani borders where insurgency built their own base of operations. Contrary of the military actions there are local population and communities living their lifes, running own businesses, their missions and attending local social events backgrounded by tribes and their intrigues.

Vesnicane When the summer came to its end and there was time to balance people and soldiers decided the operation Protector XII. was good success leaving some white places though. Taleban insurgents didn´t achieved their objectives at all but on the other hand their rich sponsor, saudi sheikh, left Zabul more or less satisfied and awared of the situation.


The year 2015

During the hars winter of 2015 while getting large subsidies by their Saudi sponsors fighters from across the country are about to start their regular spring offensive. In the course of the civil war in Syria and Iraq international forces´ capabilities are overloaded and extended to its max. Still the Operation Lizzard VI. starts on 29.5.2015 with primary objectives to secure the area of operations and prepare solid soil for July´s operation Protector XII.

IMG 4417The offensive struck hard and local armed forces were unable to withstand and despite several resolute attempts to do so they were eventually driven off the Zabul. The ISAF command deployed experienced and elite Combat Joint Task Force 82 (CJTF 82) quickly. Two decisive operations were initiated – the Bloody Sunrise in direct reaction to rebel offensive and Lizzard in preparations for summer return of reconstruction and local armed forces. And while the Bloody Sunrise operations was not succesfull the Lizzard operation was a immersive success of CJTF 82 task force. Then the regular life returned to Zabul. The ISAF task force together with local armed forces was able to keep the insurgency over the borders in Pakistan.

The year 2016

With the winter ongoing the rebellion musters its positions again. Thanks to the enduring friends from Arabian peninsula and their money the rebellion is able to recruit new fighters in mass. Allies with their forces stretched over the Syria and Iraq campaigns were unable to react at all. In the mountains north of afghanistan borders and close to and around of the Bhakkar village there are huge forces being concentrated.

DSC 4754With the first days of Spring 2016  the rebellion rolled over the borders and flooded the entire province. Local population is on the run as well as local armed forces are on the retreat and Zabul´s villages are being occupied by Taleban fighters. It is proved one the leaders of the rebellion, the invincible Imram Zacharijev, is descending frequently into the Zabul to show his presence and to lead and command. Zacharijev fled from Balkan to Pakistan several years ago and the Allies were unable to detain him so far. The Umar offensive is unstoppable and whole province is in chaos and disarray. In reaction with the critical situation the CJTF82 task force is sent to the area. Stationed at the Fort Protector base of operations the task force is immediately engaging rebels in intensive firefights in the very outskirts of the base. For the cost of heavy casualties the soldiers from CJTF82 suceeded in pushing the rebel fighters out into northern areas of the province and to Pakistan. Still the position of Taleban remains very strong in some areas of Zabul.