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ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces) - Combined Joint Task Force 82

CJTF82 patch


PRT base

Strong task force of selected and proven units under skilled command constructs a base of operations in Zabul province establishing friendly relations with local inhabitants. New ISAF mission and mandate is peacefull there are reconstruction works, humanitarian aid and operations to secure and maintain peace and order and to help traing and support ANP and ANA security forces. Strong and friendly public operation is the key how to reach set objectives.

All the ISAF soldiers are to be sheltered in millitary tents in the main base Fort Protector.

There are chemical toilletes, drink water, power generators and millitary tents available in.


Eyes and ears, that´s what the recon teams stand for. These teams are dispatched within the first minutes of operation and they stay out there for hours even days. The result of the operation stands and falls how succesfull the recon teams are in gathering vital informations.

Fort Protector These teams work in 2 or 3 men sections and their primary mission is collecting intel and observing the situation. Not a job for everyone, but if you find this kind of job enjoying do not hesitate and join the recon.

Please note you will be required to attend the recon teams training not later than two months prior the operation itself.



Important and valuable to the ISAF command is the Personal Eye System (PES). This revolutionary system is used by the HQ to provide the best inter team link available. Each specific unit has an Android tablet with PES ready-to-use available as well as the high command´ HQ is PES equipped. This system can cover also players´ own devices (needed to inform the Crew on time).



Required: desert camouflage or multi-cam uniform, helmet, body armor

Exclusions could be approved to special forces units by ISAF commander


ISAF Objectives

- construction of defensive perimeter and the base itself

- maintaining the base defenses

- demonstration of ISAF presence within the area of operations

- maintaining the check points operational

- get hearts and minds of local population

- quelling the Taleban and other rebel groups presence



ISAF Commanding Officer

In the course of his skills, experiences and previous assigments and achievements it´s Harry again who is appointed as the ISAF Commanding Officer. His appointment is effective immediately and is valid for operations Bloody Sunrise V., Operation Lizzard VII. and Protector XIII.


Harry made it through as the Commanding Officer these events:

- ISAF at Operation Lizzard V. and VI.

- ISAF at Protector XI. and XII.

- SAFE (EU,USA) at Dark Dawn campaign

- SIDU at Berget XI. and PMC at Berget XII.


He also took command of all recon operations at Operation Lizzard IV., Bloody Sunrise IV., Protector – Cartel Wars VI. and Protector VI., VII. and VIII.

He took command of Taleban rebel army at the Protector IX.


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