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Drug cartel wars

Who of you can remember the origin of the Protector event and what in fact was it all about ? In a year 2003 the first Protector event was held and in a year 2013 the last one so far was held (we already have a date for 2014 Protector, both of them, see below). First 5 years were situated on borders between Venezuela and Columbia while last 5 years were situated in a restless Zabul province somewhere in present Afghanistan. That one from Aghanistan is also more and more led to LARP realm.

But let us tell you a short story now.

In a year 2003 the first Protector event begun in a border area between latinoamerican countries Venezuela and Columbia, where powerfull drug cartels and Army of Columbia with a support of US Special Forces wage cruel and publicly secret war. War to stop drugs business and smuggling weapons and other illegal objects across the two countries borders if you take it from the side of the army and US special forces. War to expel the columbian soldiers and americans from the area dominated by the two joint cartles and to protect profitable business.


Protector – Cartel Wars 2013 videoclip


While the most important operation´s factors for the soldiers were recon, intel gathering, border´s defense and dispatching QRF to selected areas and on assault missions, for the drug cartels were the most important tasks in precise hiding, speed and efficiency in manufacture and transporting precious goods.

Exactly that way were previous 5 years of legendary event Protector with Cartel Wars cogname situated in latinoamerica. Many of airsofters rate the Protector serie of events as the most komplex, the most realistic and the best events in Czechia.

And we the orgs change nothing – we will ressurect the classic cartelwars Protector from latinoamerica. We have more experiences, more and better equipments and technology than 6 years before. This drug business will live together with the modern Protector (VI.-XI.) from Afghanistan´s Zabul province.


For more informations you can visit Cartel Wars website :


Outfit requirements – Army of Columbia

- camo uniforms are mandatory except of vz95 camo uniforms (Czech Army bdu)
- body armors and helmets are recommended
- desert camo uniforms as well as one-coloured clothing are NOT allowed

Outfit requirements – FARC (Columbia cartel)

- camo jackets are NOT allowed, camo trousers are NOT recommended
- tactical vests and army equipment are allowed
- body armors and helmets are NOT allowed
- civilian clothing of latinoamerican style is recommended

 Outfit requirements – Norte del Valle (Venezuela cartel)

 - vz95 camo uniforms, vz95 camo uniforms combined with civilian clothing, or civilian clothing
- tactical vests and army equipment are allowed
- body armors and helmets are NOT allowed
- civilian clothing of latinoamerican style is recommended


Event site – village of Barochov close to Týnec nad Sázavou town (exact coordinates will be given to registered participants only)

Site opens – on 29.8.2014 at 10.00

Registration opens – on 29.8.2014 from 16.00 to 20.00, and also during the game

Game starts – on 29.8.2014 at 20.00

Game ends – on 31.8.2014 at 12.00


Participants below the age of 18 needs to bring the letter of approval signed by their law guardian (e.g.parents or a team leader older the age of 18). We can send that letter of approval by e-mail on request.


Registration starts on 1.11.2014 and ends on 29.8.2014.

Ticket prices are listed below

From 1.11.2014 to 31.7.2014 – 12 EUR paid via bank transfer to 14 days from done registration and only for firts 300 participants

From 1.8.2014 to 29.8.2014 – 16 EUR paid via bank transfer

For payments on site there is a 4 EUR surcharge