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In 2016 yet 12th installment of the legendary and unique airsoft event Protector will be held. We the crew will move the slider of complexity and reality another level up. The Protector XIII. event will consist of strong LARP elements with millitary simulation and again will be situated in present Afghanistan in fictional province of Zabul and newly also in Pakistan.

At Protector there are multiple parties meeting and interacting each other – indigenous peacefull villagers, ISAF soldiers, private contractors, ANP and ANA officers, medical personell, independent armed warfaring groups, Taleban fighters, press teams and other characters and groups (e.g. a group of prospectors in 2011, a group of USAID in 2012, telecommunication company Zabul Telecom in 2014 and even more in 2015).

What is LARP ?

A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters' actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called gamemasters decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play.

Source - Wikipedia


Protector XII. (2015) video

This 13th year holds quite strong history – Protector crew is the very same since the first year with more or less changeless, experienced and grown. Thanks to these experiences, history and continuity the Protector 2016 event will again stand tall and great Airsoft operation.

In 2016 in Zabul province in present Afghanistan (and adjoining part of Pakistan) there are two events total being held – the Operation Lizzard VII. event affecting the onset of Protector and the Protector XIII. event itself. Op. Lizzard event is completely combat oriented event.

The last year in 2015 resulted in our major satisfaction. Unfortunately, as in past also this year we noted some ammount of new even old fails we were unable to remove or evade. That´s why we and you are to face several major and minor concept changes to reach new level of reality and amusement. We will perform the selection proces of participants more carefully, also one of the ISAF bases will be canceled, we will strengthen ISAF competences and mandate and we will apply new elements in economy and social interaction.

We will also keep supporting tribes, Zabul´s governor office, all players´ enterprises, strong and well driven insurgency, in-game currency and other various well tested elements. Also low/mid-cap rule will remain with machine guns exception.

Every year more and more of you want to come prior the event starts. Of course it is possible again but depends on location – in some villages and sites it is possible, somewhere it is unfortunately not. In 2016 we propose you to book in advance your arrival and location of your stand, so let us know if you are interested as soon as possible.

As well as in 2015 the event starts at midnight from Wednesday to Thursday and ends on Sunday morning. So 80 hours of gameplay again  . And pre-Protector party too … Tuesday evening in Khas Konar again.


Operational area: CTA Sveborice, Nove Dvory, close to Mimon (50°39'6.142"N, 14°47'50.668"E) (

CTA – Combat Training Area, former Soviet and Czechoslovak army training grounds

Operational area opens: 19.7.2016 10.00

Participants registration: 19.7.2016 from 16.00 till 20.00, 20.-22.7.2016 from 10.00 till 22:00, registration is also open even during the event.

Every participant registered from 22.7.2016 18.00 will have to pay additional fee 4 EUR for late coming

Event begin: 21.7.2016 00.01

Event ends: 24.7.2014 08.00

Participants under 18 years old are allowed to enter the event with written permission by law guardian only AND in accompany with responsible person above 18 years old.

It means every participant under 18 years old brings his/her parents´s written permission (we will send a form on request) while his/her responsible person is his/her teamleader above 18 years old.


Event registration:

from 1.1.2016 till 31.3.2016

Rebels, Taliban, Afgan villagers, Pakistan villagers, PRESS - 20 EUR/person

ISAF, PMC, ANA, ANP, insurgents - 24 EUR/person

Payments have to be made to 14 days from registration, this special prices are only for first 300 participants !!!

from 1.4.2016 till 22.7.2016

Rebels, Taliban, Afgan villagers, Pakistan villagers, PRESS - 24 EUR/person

ISAF, PMC, ANA, ANP - 28 EUR/person

Additional fee of 4 EUR will be applied for payment on site