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Cartel Wars koncept

koncept-kartelove-valky-1What is the concept Protector – Cartel Wars event

Protector – Cartel Wars event is a sequel of originál Protector I.-V. between years 2003 and 2008. Then the event was situated across Venezula-Colombia borders. In a scenario there were two parties standing against each other – colombian and venezuelan drug cartels against colombian army and US special forces. Drug cartels main objectives were to build up and protect its bases, to grow, harvest and produce drugs and then to transport precious cargo across by the army guarded borders. On the other hand the army´s and US specops´s main objectives were logically to interrupt cartel´s activities as much as possible and to seek and destroy enemy bases and fields.

Step by step and very let us say non-violently we adopted a new direction changing the site away off the latinoamerica to more .. well … actual situation. Yes, we moved the scenario to present Afghanistán. Then this succession of the origin became the most famous and debatable event around. We added a lot of LARP elements like reconstruction works, protection of local indigenous population and negotiation with them, terrorism and anti-crime combat and many more.

However and despite we are getting excellent positive feedback on our Afghanistan version of Protector and event´s level is being increased every year with many new features added also on yearly basis we listened out calls of many for the origin event return.

Then we decided in 2013 to host both events :-)   - Protector X from Afghanistan and Protector – Cartel Wars from latinoamerica. And we will do the same in 2014.


There will be both Protector again – Protector XI and even Protector – Cartel Wars VII.

Anyway, to answer the question – what is the concept of Cartel Wars?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this Cartel Wars outset scenario is again situated to Venezuela-Colombia borderlands which are swarming with smugglers and drugcartel fighters, on army bases and among the US special forces. Operations are to be driven and led by skilled and experienced leaders in all parties, experienced and dedicated headquarter staff, first-class equipment and technology and top-limit deployment and performance of all participants.

In its nature this event is the real millitary simulation of extensive and intensiv anti-drug operation in dense and hilly terrain on an area of several square kilometers. Modern com-nav systems like PES (Personal Eye System) will be also deployed.