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ANP (Afghan National Police)

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The police corps went through extensive revision and reduction. In the course of that a call to duty is running in Zabul and new police officers are hired. If your target is to keep Zabul in peace and order join your destiny with the ANP. The police corps cooperates with the Governor´s office and local Afghan National Army (ANA) regiment. The ANP has no jurisdiction over the ISAF task force.



Mandatory: black or blue trousers, blue shirt, black or blue cap
Recommended: black body armor, black helmet



- maintaining public safety

- watching over the traffic safety

- providing protection to the Governor if necessary

- intervening within civilian disputes/issues

- quelling any illegal activity together with ANA and ISAF

- issuing permission to carry weapons (not the same as Weapon Certificate)

- issuing driving licenses

- issuing vehicle´s technical condition approval

- are allowed to enter and search civilians and their dwellings



To protect and to serve !

دافغانستانمليپولیس !

Youtube movie clip presentation from Protector IX.


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