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ANA (Afghan National Army)

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Presence of Afghan National Army (ANA) on last Protector in 2015 was a good choice. The ANA officers completed their tasks and missions with dedication and results and they proven to be part of the Zabul security forces once again. The ANA opens recruitment for the mission in 2016 in these branches – militia, infanfry, commandos and special forces.

The ANA cooperates with the Governor´s office and local Afghan National Army (ANA) regiment. The ANP has no jurisdiction over the ISAF task force.



militia – olive uniform, infantry – woodland, helmet, commandos – woodland, body armor, helmet, special forces – multicam, body armor




- maintaining public safety

- quelling any illegal aktivity together with ANP and ISAF

- maintaining Afghanistan/Pakistan border crossing

- searching for Taleban and other rebel groups

- are allowed to enter and search civilians and their dwellings

- are allowed to perform other missions and tasks dedicated to ANP



Live to die, die to live, Afghanistan !


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